WPC- Elemental

The 5 elements of nature so diverse, distinct yet similar and are essential for existence.

Sometimes it is ,

The tiny streams ever flowing ,

Or the wild stormy seas ,

A tiny flame on the lamp lighting the path ahead,

Or the fiery wild forest fires,

The gentle cool breeze,

Or the gales of wind,

And the vast empty, open, space,

That encompasses us ,

And the Earth that gives life to every thing in existence,

All these elements blend together forming more than an alliance,but a unity of natures forces and nothing in the world can be stronger than this bond of theirs.

Cotton candy skies




Candy coloured skies
Calm blue waters
FullSizeRender 45
The wild free fire
FullSizeRender 46
The Earth- The life giving

52 Weeks Photo Challenge : Week 32 Shallow Depth of Field

A shallow depth of field means isolating or focusing on a particular thing from the background in camera terms . But sometimes in life it’s important to create a shallow depth of field on the things we have to focus !IMG_3101IMG_2784

WPC – Surprise

It’s beautifully surprising,

How buds transform into flowers,

Slowly, subtly and in the end we behold the magnificent flower.

It’s even more surprising that we as humans ,

Accept all laws of nature ,

Yet forget we are a part of nature!

If you ever feel low ,

Don’t worry things will happen and take time ,

Just like a bud takes time to bloom into a flower,

Slowly, subtly and in the end you’ll bear the magnificent result!FullSizeRender 8FullSizeRender 9