WPC- Focus

Life is like a camera,

To get a clear picture,

You must focus on what you want,

Sometimes it happens automatically,

At times we have to use the manual mode ,


So in your life,

Focus on the good,

The unique and different,

Focus on what makes you happy,

Where you want to go and

What you want to do,

And you shall get a clear and beautiful picture ,

But in the end it all matters on ,

Where your focus is !


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WPC – Surprise

It’s beautifully surprising,

How buds transform into flowers,

Slowly, subtly and in the end we behold the magnificent flower.

It’s even more surprising that we as humans ,

Accept all laws of nature ,

Yet forget we are a part of nature!

If you ever feel low ,

Don’t worry things will happen and take time ,

Just like a bud takes time to bloom into a flower,

Slowly, subtly and in the end you’ll bear the magnificent result!FullSizeRender 8FullSizeRender 9