WPC- Favourite Place

My favourite place in this whole wide world is to be nestled in the pages of books.

To escape reality, experience new things, make new friends, meet new characters and escape in the world of magic that enchants you.

My list of favourite books are endless starting from The Harry Potter series (Hello there Potterheads!) , Percy Jackson series, Carry On, Fangirl, The Magnus Chase series, The Mortal Instruments series and many more !

The pictures below are from one of the most recent books I’ve read , The Golden Legend by Nadeem Aslam. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

WPC- Elemental

The 5 elements of nature so diverse, distinct yet similar and are essential for existence.

Sometimes it is ,

The tiny streams ever flowing ,

Or the wild stormy seas ,

A tiny flame on the lamp lighting the path ahead,

Or the fiery wild forest fires,

The gentle cool breeze,

Or the gales of wind,

And the vast empty, open, space,

That encompasses us ,

And the Earth that gives life to every thing in existence,

All these elements blend together forming more than an alliance,but a unity of natures forces and nothing in the world can be stronger than this bond of theirs.

Cotton candy skies




Candy coloured skies
Calm blue waters
FullSizeRender 45
The wild free fire
FullSizeRender 46
The Earth- The life giving

WPC- Focus

Life is like a camera,

To get a clear picture,

You must focus on what you want,

Sometimes it happens automatically,

At times we have to use the manual mode ,


So in your life,

Focus on the good,

The unique and different,

Focus on what makes you happy,

Where you want to go and

What you want to do,

And you shall get a clear and beautiful picture ,

But in the end it all matters on ,

Where your focus is !


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